CR-150CR-120CR-120 UV

The CR-150/120 check scanner is ideal for teller capture and back-counter capture inside your Financial Institution, as well as for remittance, lockbox, and RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) for higher-volume customers. Not only does it boast high-speed and accurate scanning capabilities which increase productivity, but by including a wide array of scanning functions into a single, compact device, this scanner enables you to get your work done more eciently than ever before. All of this means that your counter work can be done more eciently and productively, allowing you to focus on what matters most... quality interactions and engagement with your customers. With a compact multi-function scanner, you can transform your branches into customer-first service centers without hindering performance.

Features CR-150/CR-120/CR-120 UV


Black and White/ Grayscale: Up to 120 cpm

Scan Mode

Grayscale, Black and White, Fine Text Filtering, Error Diffusion, 256- Level Grayscale, 16-Level Grayscale, 24-bit Color (card scan only)


Compact Check Transport


Scan a cheque (Black and White / Grayscale): Output: 100 x 100dpi, 120 x 120dpi, 150 x 150dpi, 200 x 200dpi, 240 x 240dpi, 300 x 300dpi Scan a card (Color): Output: 600 x 600dpi

Duty Cycle

12,000 Scans

ADF Capacity


Output Pocket


MICR Recognition


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